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Funding and Withdrawal

Payment Method Deposit Fee Deposit Time Withdrawal Fee* Withdrawal Processing Time
Covered by Us! 1 hour 1 unit of the base currency of your account 1 Working Day**
Covered by Us! 2-5 working days Dependent on amount & banks involved 1 Working Day**
Covered by Us! 1 hour 0.15 EUR 1 Working Day
Covered by Us! 1 hour 1% 1 Working Day
*In cases of no trading activity the Company reserves the right to charge clients all fees involved in the incoming and outgoing transactions, including additional processing fees charged by the company at a minimum of 10 units of the base currency and no more than 2.5% of the total deposited amount. **It can take an additional 2-5 working days for the banks to process the amount into your account. Click on the link to see additional information on our payment service providers.