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You are about to purchase products that are complex and difficult to understand, Contracts For Difference (CFDs). CNMV has determined that, due to its complexity and the risk involved, the purchase of these products by retail investors is not appropriate/suitable. Nevertheless, Lydya Financial Ltd. will assess your knowledge and experience and will determine if it is convenient for you.   The products you are about to purchase, Contracts for Differences are leveraged products. Please be aware that the losses incurred may be greater than the amount initially invested.   Difficult product to understand, CNMV has determined that it is not suitable for retail investors due to its complexity and the high risk involved.

YOU WILL NEED TO SEND THE BELOW HANDWRITTEN STATEMENT TO [email protected] with the following statement before being able to open an account with Lydya Financial Ltd.

‘This product is complex and CNMV has determined that It is not convenient for me’

I accept the risk warning above and i want to proceed to registration Trading involves risk of loss